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all business up front; party in the back!

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If it weren't for you meddling Winchesters!

This comm is moderated meaning we'll be checking out your journals before we accept you.
(This also means entries will be locked so you have to join to see them, no point just watching the comm, folks).

Reasons for rejection:

# You are known to start wank in the SPN fandom
# Your journal is completely dead and/or inactive




#1 – NO WANK AND/OR CHARACTER BASHING (break this rule and die be banned without warning).
#2 – Tags will be added throughout posting, after that, tagging your posts = required, as well as locking them.
#3 – ANY spoilers for S5 must be placed under a cut < lj-cut text = " text" > Blablabla here < / lj-cut >
#4 – Policy cut/posting: normal-sized pics before a cut, pics bigger than 300px under a cut.
#5 – No fanfiction. There are other SPN (fanfic) communties out there that allow fic.
#6 – Don't link to content in your lj/other people's; if you feel like sharing, do it here.
#7 – Don't start up a new post if there's already a recent post you can easily hop on.
#8 – .GIF PARTY POSTS. We're hosting parties at the end of each week where YOU guys can get jiggy ♪☺♫

#9And remember folks; this community is completely centered around the main characters, so keep things on topic (involving both parties), plz.

Do's and Dont's quick-list

contact either clubinthesky or credulesque if there are any concerns.

Do you want to affiliate?

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